Join our 2017 fundraising initiative


An important message from Chair Joe Rossi

I want to thank all of our dedicated citizens for over 5 years of support and activism. Without YOU, the Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition would not exist.

The Marshfield Citizens Coastal Coalition is a not for profit group (not yet a 501c3) that informs stakeholders on important coastal issues.  Our mission is simple: to allow the citizens of Marshfield to have an active voice in coastal issues in town and regionally, along with keeping Marshfield citizens informed on coastal issues that affect them.

We have truly outgrown our mission, with presentations, information, and resources produced and used locally and nationally.

I am amazed that we are celebrating 5 years!  Now that we are 5, we need your help to keep us moving.

  While in the past we were able to mostly self fund, we are now involved and interested in doing much more for YOU, our constituency. 

We have a short presentation below, showing what our goal and objectives are, and how we intend to spend money we raise.

Our overall goal for our fundraising is to ensure that residents, professionals, and all NFIP stakeholders continue to get comprehensive and correct information, training and are provided a voice on local, state and federal coastal issues.

We cant do this without you!  2017 is a critical year for flood reform.  Help us be better at what we do so you can stay more informed and educated!


This year, we are looking to hit a goal of $2000. Please click the link here to go to our GO FUND ME page, and help us Make Waves!

We are always selling merchandise at our events! We are usually in the back with merchandise and a donation box, and appreciate all the help you can give!
Send us a check made out to Marshfield Coastal Coalition to our mailing address: PO Box 442, Marshfield, MA 02050. Your check can help us go a long way!