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    There is a lot going on at the same time in regards to flood insurance. Many are wondering, “What can I do?” Below we outline action items we are taking, and things that you can do to protect your self.

What is going on?

Confused by what is going on, and how it all started? Click here to watch our first outreach video to get some background on how we got to where we are today!

Map Appeal

What you need to know about the FEMA map appeal

Map Appeal

Statement on recent development in Flood Insurance Rate Map.

What Happened: There was one Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) appeal and one additional sets of data submitted by the Towns of Marshfield and Scituate that FEMA recognized. The appeal was discussed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP). This panel had a total of 5 members from the scientific community. These members were picked from all across the country with specific knowledge of coastal science. Four of these scientist represented Marshfield and Scituate, and one represented FEMA. The SRP was charged with discussing and validating the data in the appeals as valid according to FEMA guidelines The Results: The Ransom Consulting appeal focused on wave height and wave period used to compute the wave setup on the FIRMs. This appeal was denied based on the fact that the arguments and data did not satisfy the NFIP mapping standards. This was a unanimous decision by all the members of the SRP. The additional data submitted by the Woods Hole Group was considered and accepted as valuable to the mapping process. This has resulted in revisions in some of the FIRMs in Marshfield and Scituate. THE APPEAL IS ONGOING and is expected to yield more results in spring 2018

What can I do?

1. NEW FLOOD MAPS BECAME EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 4th 2016. For those newly mapped, see the info box below on the Newly Mapped Process.

2. Go to our downloads page to view updated downloads on relevant topics.

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What Can I do TODAY

Here are all the things home owners can do NOW to help protect themselves, along with the resources to guide you!

Prefered Risk Policy
Under current maps, if your house is not in a V or A zone and under proposed maps you are being moved into a V or A zone (Known as the Special Flood Hazard Area, SFHA), then you should purchase the Preferred Risk Policy (PRP). You are NOT eligible for a PRP if you are currently in the SFHA. A PRP can be as low as $130, and will guarantee grandfathering for those eligible going forward. For those eligible, having a PRP is the CHEAPEST WAY TO BECOME GRANDFATHERED. To be grandfathered under a PRP, you MUST purchase a PRP either before the Flood Insurance Rate Maps become active or within 12 months after the map affective date. FOR MARSHFIELD: New maps became effective November 4th. Confused? See the resource links to the right or email us!

Nelwy Mapped Process
As mentioned above, if you are mapped for the first time in the Special Flood Hazard area, you are eligible for a PRP under the Newly Mapped Process. There are two ways to be grandfathered under this process:

1. Purchase a PRP before the map effective date: get 2 years of lower rates

2. Purchase a PRP after the effective date: get 1 year of lower rates

This process is difficult to understand at first, but the MCCC has issued several pieces of guidance to help homeowners. See the resource link at the right for links to the newly mapped guidance.

Letter Of Map Ammendment (LOMA)

If you are in a flood zone, but believe you should not be in one, you may be a candidate for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). This would require an elevation certificate and a LOMA application. A land surveyor can perform this service

LOMAs DO NOT change the flood maps. Since your bank is the one determining you in or out of the flood zone, a LOMA tells the bank that your elevation is above the Base Flood Elevation, and that you should not be in a flood zone.

Please look at the LOMA fact sheet on our download page, link to the right, or the LOMA application process video, link below. There is no time limit on when a LOMA can be applied for,

Change Your Structure
There are things you can do to your structure to reduce your flood insurance costs. Things such as changing a basement to a crawl space, raising your structure, or raising mechanical can significantly reduce your costs. We now have a building resource downloads section. Click the resource links to the right.

Flood Insurance Reform

Federal Legislation
Now that the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA) has passed, the next step is to focus on 2017. In 2017, both Biggert-Waters and the HFIAA will expire, and a new piece of legislation will need to replace them. We are working towards that goal NOW! Click the link to the right to see where our progress is and how to join our efforts!