Marshfield Maps

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Click the “downloads” link above to go back to the downloads main page NOTE: THESE ARE THE NEW FIRM MAPS RELEASED MARCH 1ST, 2016.

What Happened: There was one Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) appeal and one additional sets of data submitted by the Towns of Marshfield and Scituate that FEMA recognized. The appeal was discussed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP). This panel had a total of 5 members from the scientific community. These members were picked from all across the country with specific knowledge of coastal science. Four of these scientist represented Marshfield and Scituate, and one represented FEMA. The SRP was charged with discussing and validating the data in the appeals as valid according to FEMA guidelines

The Results: The Ransom Consulting appeal focused on wave height and wave period used to compute the wave setup on the FIRMs. This appeal was denied based on the fact that the arguments and data did not satisfy the NFIP mapping standards. This was a unanimous decision by all the members of the SRP.

The additional data submitted by the Woods Hole Group was considered and accepted as valuable to the mapping process. This has resulted in revisions in some of the FIRMs in Marshfield and Scituate. THE APPEAL IS ONGOING and is expected to yield more results in spring 2018

WHAT YOU CAN DO: In addition to those that may be added for the first time, there are those that are already in the A or V zone that may be seeing an increase in their Base Flood Elevation. Please check the maps to see the change for your structure.

NEWLY MAPPED: We have gone through a map change as of November 4th. If under the previous maps, your house was either not in a flood zone, or in a C, B, or X zone, then you are able to purchase a Newly Mapped Policy (at Preferred Risk Policy rates). You are NOT eligible for a PRP if you were in the Special Flood Hazard Area (Any V or A zone) under the previous maps. A PRP can be as low as $130, and at the present time will guarantee grandfathering for those eligible. For those eligible, having a PRP is the CHEAPEST WAY TO BECOME GRANDFATHERED. To be grandfathered under a PRP, you MUST purchase a PRP within the next 11 months, by October 4th 2016.

How To View The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)

To view the maps, see our visual map key to the right of each map. Click the map key to enlarge it. We have also included basic streets to help identify your map.

NOTE: The maps here are the CURRENT EFFECTIVE MAPS with a map effective date of November 4th, 2016

These maps are not intended to make a final zone determination. These maps are difficult to identify individual structures. Please submit questions and see our "contact" page

New FIRM 136

North River

New FIRM 137

Trouant's Island

New FIRM 138

North Marshfield

Macombers Ridge

Summer Street

New FIRM 139


Ridge Road

Sea St.

New FIRM 143

End of Ridge Road


New FIRM 226

Marshfield High School area


New FIRM 227

Chandler Dr.

Kent Park

Telegraph Hill

New FIRM 228

Pudding Hill

Mt. Skirgo St.

New FIRM 229

Marshfield Center

Webster st.

Police Station

Green Harbor Golf Club

New FIRM 231

Numbered Roads

Marshfield Airport




New FIRM 232

Seminole Ave

Colonial Rd.

Pamela Way


New FIRM 233

Webster St.

Black Mount

Canal St.

New FIRM 234

Brant Rock

Green Harbor

Canal St.

New FIRM 241

Duck Hill Lane


Common Questions Answered
As expected, we are getting a lot of mapping questions. In the boxes below are answers to the ones we are getting the most often.

What flood zone am I in?
What flood zone am I in?

While we can help guide you on what zone you may currently be in, there is no way currently to know what zone you could be in under revised maps. The list to the right gives you a VERY approximate idea if you are in or out of the A or V zone, also known as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) Below is a guide to determining your zone:

1. The zone you are currently in is determined by your bank if you have a mortgage. This determination is final and the zone determination can only be challenged by a LOMA. If a LOMA is unsuccessful, a homeowner can obtain a flood zone determination, however it cannot challenge your banks. Third party vendors generate official flood zone determinations for banks and homeowners, however as mentioned before, the one that is used to determine your flood zone for your mortgage is the banks. The MCCC can offer flood zone determinations however they are for CURRENT zones only.

2. To determine what zone you might be in based on the maps above, please look at the map key at the top of the page. This will guide you on what map your property is on. You can also go to the FEMA map portal (link at the bottom bar) and enter your address. The website will then provide you your map number.