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Curent Effective Legislation (and associated material)

Legislative memos, white papers, and legislative language

2017 Reauthorization

2017 NFIP reform and reauthorization memos, white papers, letters, and other associated documentation

Legislative Updates


In the past several months, we have been updating you on the progress Congress is making about the upcoming expiration of the National Flood Insurance Program on December 8th 2017.   In the US House, an agreement has been reached between House Leadership and Chairman of house financial services Representative Hensarling to move the US House package forward to reauthorize NFIP for 5 years. &nb
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Summary of legislative activity for September

In September, Congress voted to extend the expiration of the NFIP to December 8th, 2017.  The MCCC was in Washington, DC lobbying for the extension to continue to September 30th, 2018 to ensure a comprehensive reauthorization.   Last week was extremely active for flood insurance in the United States Congress.   Several weeks ago, the US House proposed a piece of legislation that would ha
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Letters from the MCCC, stakeholders, and Congress

2017 Legislative Language

For 2017 legislative summary and bill text, click the link here